Swimsuit for a child

Parents, of course, decide what and how to bathe their child. But in the forehead if the nude swim at least unhygienic, so it pays to think about the swimsuit for your child. Cotton panties are also not suitable. First, they have to constantly disguise, and secondly, they long to dry and can cause hypothermia. A. So you'd better buy for the baby trunks or a swimsuit. Now they are made of hypoallergenic fabrics and perfectly breathable.

How to choose "his" swimsuit

In order for a swimsuit is ideal for your figure, you must choose the right. The choice of bathing suit should depend not only on fashion, but also on the characteristics of your figure. For example, if you have large breasts to avoid stiff fabrics, Pitted bodices, narrow shoulder straps. Also, give preference to a dark color leotard top, otherwise the figure would look disproportionate.