Types of bathing suits

In today's world, the sea of ??clothing for sea bathing suits are divided only into two broad categories - open and closed. No need to explain what it looks like, and one and another category, because every girl knows this and that. But in each of these categories has their myriad.

The originality of the knitted swimsuit

Knitted swimwear is not very popular, but in vain. Looks very interesting and emphasize femininity. And it is not inferior to their brethren of the cloth.

Who created the bikini swimsuit

Many years ago, designer Louis Rird designed the leotard, which turned the whole world. He could not think of a name for his invention. After all, something had to be really provocative and attracting attention to himself. And the swimsuit called after the island on which the U.S. government conducted nuclear tests in the five days before the first show. The show took place June 5, 1946. Thus, for the name of the model designer to use the most talked about topic at that time.

2012 Swimwear

Fashion changes every year. Change shape and color. One trend after another. This year, the individual will occupy a niche authoritative trikini (something between a single and separate bathing suit). Among this type of underwear is a very nice model that could replace the open girls swimwear modest. There will be plenty to choose from and those who acquire the closed cut swimsuit.