pants with rings

Briefs on the ringlets appeared as a result of the desire to minimize the panties. It seemed like a problem until they were invented in the ringlets of her panties. This option was not only a solution to the problem, but also a decorative ornament panties. To reduce the bikini began long ago, but did so gradually and in different ways. Initially the ring was of the nature of the anchor, but now it is purely decorative solution. This became particularly evident in the eighties and nineties.

panties with ties

Panties are panties with ties that have front and rear parts are connected by lateral bundles. Often, such a model is found in bathing suits. These pants - this is a huge scope for the designer fantasies. You can open or, conversely, shut down some parts of the body, such as the buttocks. It also gives the possibility of sexual panties. You can put them on your hips as you want. But even the presence of zavyazochek themselves - is sexy. After all, they are very easy to untie. Pulled on the rope - the door opened.

Active Briefs

A characteristic feature of panties asset is that the triangles in front and behind cover the whole area of ??the body down to the navel. They appeared in the late eighties. On each side of a high neckline, which tends to waist and waist line itself - is a horizontal straight line. Initially, they were recognized as part of fitness. These shorts support tummy bottom and top. Although they are called asset, but it may be suitable for middle-aged women.