Tanga Panties

Tanga Panties are representative of the family mini-bikini. These shorts are made up of two parts, front and rear, which are made in the form of triangles. Waistline in these pants is very high and narrow, always horizontal, sometimes in the front has a small slope. It is presented in the form of gum or a strip of fabric.

Thong Panties

Thong panties are panties, which are formed by combining the silhouettes String and Vika in their minimal version. Tong is a super-mini. They are so minimized in the groin area and on each side that barely cover the woman's pubic bone. Buttocks while usually partially closed with a cloth. The difference between Tong on strings that are characterized by first a decrease in special block and tackle on the center front line, sometimes reaching even the form of a Latin letter V.

String Panties

Thong got its name from the same English word, which means the lace or thread. These pants - this version of the mini-shorts, in which the rear part is represented in the form of thin strips, leaving the buttocks fully exposed. Do these pants strings are usually high waist. Predecessors have strings panties slip. In the first case was strong, that is, to a minimum, reduced lateral line and back. String Panties - a compromise between the closed form of panties from the front and open back, which is very sexy, and so it is like the girls.

T-String Panties

T-String - a tandem pants and panties String Tanga. As in the past the T-String closed crotch and buttocks exposed, but in contrast to the sidewall strings Tang made a single stripe, so the back of her panties look like the letter "T". The name T-Strings got it due to its shape. This model is usually a low waist pants, which has the silhouette of Vika. Use of T-Thong as elements of a bathing suit or as underwear.