What are thongs

G-strings - is a great opportunity to highlight the sexy girl or woman, for example, in the summer at sea or in the evening at a disco when it feels like a tight-fitting clothing is nothing. But whether or not to wear thongs all the time? This is an important issue. The fact that the constant wearing of such lingerie leads eventually to the emergence of various infectious diseases, with potentially no longer beautiful, and kind of painful genital organs. So, before you put on a thong, you should consider, and if they are necessary at this time.

pants shorts

Pants-shorts are a underwear model, in which a length of anterior and lateral parts. These pants - a lightweight version of the ordinary shorts. Only they have a thin fabric, excessive levels of the legs, which comes on the buttocks and low waist. Front and rear plate are usually performed the same width and height. This model is characterized by short-shorts from the usual cowards that they have an internal stitch across the tench feet.

Strings and women's health

Recently, a very widely-string panties. And in the market and shops of their choice is very wide. People involved in the production of strings, trying to bring their new and new forms, colors and fabrics of potential customers. Typically, the majority of G-strings to use cheap fabrics, namely synthetics. This is due to increased purchasing power. The cheaper, the more will buy - that's the slogan of these manufacturers. But there are still quite expensive thongs, which are sewed of mesh cloth, silk, microfiber, or cotton.

Invisible panties

Argued that the G-string in vogue a few decades ago, namely in the late twentieth century, but became one of the best-selling model panties. But it turns out that they were invented before the beginning of the forties.