Other lingerie


In the view of many women's corset - an attribute of a woman's wardrobe, which is associated with a lot of pain. But since Scarlett, the situation changed. Today corsets and fashionable and comfortable. They offer the convenience, beauty and original design. Corset has become a legend mode. Corsets with tops go well with skirts and a corset and dress - with stiletto heels. And any corset wedding dress is complemented by simply magnificent.

How to choose the bra

In order to find a bra, you should first consider under which it will be worn. Indeed, in many ways and feel of your new blouse or a topic depending on what kind of wearing underwear beneath them. If it is properly chosen, you will be able to achieve the desired effect and on outerwear.

Sexiest stockings

Today's fetish with big letters - it's stockings with a seam. This is the only picture on the stockings, which has survived many centuries and has not lost its popularity. The seam on the sock emblazoned on his leg as an exclamation point, and without vulgarity sexy. This seam is instantly attracts attention and gives birth to a man in his mind insane fantasy. That is why, if the legs are marked with a seam, then they must be, by definition, beautiful. These stockings - it's kind of a branch of evolution for the self-esteem in women.

Transparent stockings

This is one of the options for maximum enjoyment. These stockings in combination with any clothes give a constant sense of tact. And if you combine them with silk production, it's just crazy. Looks sexy garter belt with six. Although this is somewhat constrains the movement, but the possessor gives extra pleasure, recalling their presence at his feet. In addition, these stockings are optimal for sex.