A few words on a knitted swimsuit

This season, fashion has made a sharp turn: once again become relevant crocheted swimwear. So many question arises: how, what and where to wear them.
Knitted swimwear is incredibly beautiful and feminine. Their main feature is it is in knitting lace, which looks very sexy and looker.
Crochet Swimsuit - individual thing. As you can imagine, it is made by hand and as a rule or by the hostess, or a custom fit. He will be in a single copy, is a kind of guarantee of quality. True, they cost too expensive. This swimsuit - is nearly always works. Therefore, it can be any color, texture and style.
If the individual can not afford a swimsuit or you simply do not have time - that treat the choice of a knitted swimsuit responsibly. In the first place you should worry about the composition of the yarn, since it determines the appearance and durability of swimsuits. It is best suited natural cotton or linen. It is not hot, he erased without problems, it can be ironed, it is hypoallergenic.
The only disadvantage of a knitted swimsuit is that it dries slowly enough. But it's not so bad, in practice.