Psychology of Color swimsuit

Scientists have determined that the beach there are certain psychological rules. And the color of the leotard is often said about you a lot more. Than you think.
For example, the blue color, in principle, is considered the most successful for the swimsuit. And the colors do not matter. He takes extra views and gives a certain mystique. It also indicates that you are self-sufficient and do not crave for fleeting acquaintances.
On the green you have to be careful. First, it is not always well set off the skin, and secondly may signal psychological immaturity of the ladies. So you can pass for too frivolous.
Red swimsuit attracts the attention of others, so then your choice depends on what goal you are pursuing. And regardless of whether he will be separate or integral.
Yellow is too playful. It gives a lightness and carelessness. If you do not want to create this image - select a golden color. With it, you'll be on top.
The black color makes features easy bitchiness and is suitable only for those who have a good figure.
Burgundy color leotard generally not appropriate. It symbolizes the beginning of aging or a flaw in character. But the pink color may well come up.