Swimsuit for a child

Parents, of course, decide what and how to bathe their child. But in the forehead if the nude swim at least unhygienic, so it pays to think about the swimsuit for your child. Cotton panties are also not suitable. First, they have to constantly disguise, and secondly, they long to dry and can cause hypothermia.
A. So you'd better buy for the baby trunks or a swimsuit. Now they are made of hypoallergenic fabrics and perfectly breathable.
Two. Buying a bathing suit, pay attention to:
Three. The presence of a label with a description of the brand, how to look, the composition of tissue;
4. Welds shall be quality, not to be fat, have no delays or holes.
Five. Decorations, if any, should be sewn on very tightly to her child is not pulled and eaten.
Leotard also requires some care. For example, a swimsuit must-wipe after bathing, and washing by hand without the need of detergents. It is also contraindicated in swimsuits to dry on the pipes and radiators. Bathing and can not be ironed.
But most importantly, a swimsuit should be sure to delight your child. This is the garment which significantly distinguishes boys from girls.