Language of underwear

It has long been known that the nude woman excites a man is less than the one that wears sexy lingerie for him. Satin and lace gives the imagination a man in motion, which makes him middle of painting that he could not see and gets to the limit.
Therefore, if a woman wants to succeed in a relationship with a man, it must carefully choose to do laundry.
Bold and outspoken cuts, nylon and lace inserts - this is your reliable assistant. All kinds of decorative items, garters, stockings and transparent panties and bras also have value.
Equally important is the color of the underwear. Red - is exciting effect, radiating a particular energy. A woman that has chosen this color is ready not only to love games.
Yellow indicates a preference for underwear women to high-quality sex. Pink and purple colors say about the man and the sensuality of his temperamental woman, but at the same time, it is stiff prejudices. The blue color indicates the absence of the woman's initiative.
Green choose women who do not plan to further relations. Black color underwear gives men the right to be relaxed and free from fear of the obstacles and constraints. White is the color is neutral and does not give specific directions in behavior.