buy lingerie

Do not believe in what the models from magazines ideal figure. Their dorisovyvaet on computers and all they need is to show the beautiful lingerie.
How to choose clothes that it was not as expensive as the models, but also look beautiful?
First, find out exactly your size. And for this you can go to an expensive store, peremeryat several sizes and remember the number that corresponds to your.
If your size is large b, choose a model in which the foam cups are provided with seeds. Do not forget that you need to pull the straps. Choose a bra with cups that are made of thick fabric. Well, if the seam is in the middle, and better if it will go from the top down rather than left to right.
Strapless bra is worth buying just for those who have small size breasts. They must be fitted with silicone rubber or veins.
The most fashionable today in bras - is the insertion of silicone, not foam.
G-shorts are only good for girls who have modest amounts of the thighs. As well as the lowest mini-bikini. And if you have the difference in volume between the waist and hips much better to choose high-waisted underwear.
Strings suitable lover of fine fabrics and narrow skirts.