What's under your skirt

Men have no idea how to deal in cosmetics. Just as in the right lingerie can be confusing. But, nevertheless, they are madly in love women that are wearing beautiful sexy lingerie. Some men are not always aware of what it looks like a woman sexually. They did not pay attention to her underwear and believe that a woman is sexy in itself. And they do not even know what the secret is in the clothes, which a woman with so much love for his chosen.
Therefore, do not skimp when choosing their clothes for the interview. Try not to buy a smaller size lingerie to make themselves more lean as close lingerie gives a completely opposite effect. Yes, and much faster than a laundry goes down. Buy lingerie sets at once, or try to trim the top and bottom, respectively. If the bottom and top will be different styles, it is not sexual, but will look at - a rural funny.
If you have a permanent partner, buy nice clothes, and every day. Men can not remember many things, but the clothes that you have to take off, they remember. And they like when it is you are always different. And do not be afraid to experiment with colors and styles. Let your life with your partner will be diverse.