How to choose the bra

In order to find a bra, you should first consider under which it will be worn. Indeed, in many ways and feel of your new blouse or a topic depending on what kind of wearing underwear beneath them. If it is properly chosen, you will be able to achieve the desired effect and on outerwear.
Your bra should not be too much to climb back, as well as bumping along the bottom of the chest in front. Shoulder straps should also be stretched and do not fall off the shoulder. If a strong pulling your bra straps will soon have to change as straps tight and lose its form.
When fitting the lift arm. If the sides of the body sticking out, it means that you are small cups, try to pick up or other form of the cup.
At larger sizes, choose the chest straps for greater because they are well-kept breast.
Try to keep your wardrobe always been a classic bras (sport style and bones), and two or three models with laces for romantic occasions. Remember that not all that sexy, good for your body. So you need to make your clothes were not only beautiful and sexy, but practical. This is especially true lingerie for everyday wear.