belt stocking

Probably every woman wants to have weapons in their arsenal to entice men. So, now for the stocking, it is not just an element of underwear to maintain a stocking, and one of the weapons of seduction. There are many different models of belts, as for ordinary socks that do not have silicon strips, and for the vintage models, which make a man not to remain indifferent, even slightly, one eye who saw this sexy beauty.
Current models of stockings, especially from famous designers are able to accentuate your appeal, and this can help you with everyday are dragging away and corrective effect. Any sexual belts are made of brocade, lace, satin fabrics, silk, lace can decorate, bows, embroidery, and ribbons.
With daily use in your wardrobe belts for stockings, there are several advantages. The first is ease of use, which lies in the fact that women with full hips sticky silicone on leg stockings may be passing. The second advantage - the sexy women that characterizes you as confident in its appeal and an ambitious woman.