Transparent stockings

This is one of the options for maximum enjoyment. These stockings in combination with any clothes give a constant sense of tact. And if you combine them with silk production, it's just crazy. Looks sexy garter belt with six. Although this is somewhat constrains the movement, but the possessor gives extra pleasure, recalling their presence at his feet. In addition, these stockings are optimal for sex.
Men like a woman three things. High-heeled shoes, beautiful lingerie and stockings. Putting it all together, it works better than any love potion potions. For any man to a woman's intimate area, and as my grandfather said Freud, the woman's feet - is a track leading to this goal. And stockings visual decoration of these tracks. So the stockings - is an ideal weapon and women know very well how to use it.
In centuries past stockings have been a mandatory element in the wardrobe ladies and then they were made of velvet and silk. Then came the knitted stockings, which were considered more practical and expensive.
Only in the late thirties appeared nylon, which immediately became very popular among women. Especially transparent stockings became fashionable in the sixties, when they came out in short skirts fashion.