lingerie for women

Most of the tissue from which the sewing underwear for women consists of synthetic fibers, so that they are well-preserved form. Sometimes this leads to allergic reactions to synthetic ingredients. To avoid this, check out what components are part of the fabric and that they were of high quality.
If you like tight-fitting jersey and you have sensitive skin, you will perfect seamless underwear. It hugs the body tightly, like a second skin, it is not excreted through the clothes without rubbing and pressing.
Choose the garment should be based on the characteristics and size of the figure. Special items may correct some flaws and imperfections of your figure. So, with the help of bras can increase stress and small breasts. And catching a tummy, you can hide, if put on pants or tight Waist combination. But we must remember that laundry Correcting the figure is not meant for each day. For example, bras push-up, if they wear a long time, squeezing the breasts, and this leads to health problems.
In large quantities are sold tights and stockings, a variety of styles. This item is toilet plays the same important role in creating sexual images, as well as other items of underwear.