The history of underwear

If today, many are paying special attention to the choice of clothes, the sooner it was different. In medieval times it was hard not to beauty, clothes worn on the basis of its functionality. Only the representatives of the upper classes it was fashionable to wear a robe bottom of the finer fabrics.
In the 16-17 age even had the luxury of a shirt, but instead they were luxurious lace cuffs and collars. The ladies of the era wore dresses directly to corsets and tight-fitting leotards came a little later.
In the first half of the nineteenth century there were thin shirts that were almost identical for men and women. In the more affluent can be found difficult cut shirts. And at the end of the nineteenth century, linen was divided into: male and female.
The fact that today we routinely appeared after 1925. Underwear began to produce silk, it was quite elegant. Moreover, the form has changed not only lingerie, but also male. In men, there were melting and T-shirts without sleeves.
Only in the sixties with the advent of lycra, linen, began to acquire modern sexuality. There were stockings, bras lighter, elegant panties.
Today, fashion is not standing still, it moves forward, but often in hindsight, providing us with an elegant classical models.