About lingerie

Men like it when a woman drives him crazy. And every woman wants is to it. It does not matter what age, for women - daughters of Eve, which was the first temptress, so it's natural.
So, what is the secret erotic clothing?
The men are arranged so that they are less attracted by full nudity than a hint of it. Imagination is a strong sex revolting and it does not cost anything in the middle of painting the mind shapes and curves of the female body. The woman remains just push them to the fantasies and passions of a fire. And for this, it needs to be sexually dressed.
Not all, perhaps, like underwear with thingies, frills that are close enough, and seem to be more open and blatant. But they also seduce the most. After all, men like erotic lingerie crazy, no wonder they had always bought women for the holidays as a gift. Even if they will not admit it and say that just do not know what else to give, in his mind, they are clothes for you already tried on and dream of you in there to see.
Do not deny your loved ones in this. The more attention you pay to his underwear, the easier it will bring to mind your favorite. Be always coveted for its unique.