What are thongs

G-strings - is a great opportunity to highlight the sexy girl or woman, for example, in the summer at sea or in the evening at a disco when it feels like a tight-fitting clothing is nothing. But whether or not to wear thongs all the time? This is an important issue. The fact that the constant wearing of such lingerie leads eventually to the emergence of various infectious diseases, with potentially no longer beautiful, and kind of painful genital organs. So, before you put on a thong, you should consider, and if they are necessary at this time.
For example, you are going to the store or work. Of course, if your work is not at a strip club, you need to wear a thong this time? Indeed, in this case to anyone not interested in what you have on underwear. The direct purpose of strings - is in a favorable light to expose himself, and not wearing them everywhere. If you wear these pants only in exceptional cases, as a rule, health problems do not arise.
Although usually the women and girls wear thongs are constantly in the winter and summer, which leads to health problems. If you do decide to buy a thong, it is better to overpay for quality stuff, but free of unnecessary problems that are sure to arise when the toe of the low-grade material.