Strings and women's health

Recently, a very widely-string panties. And in the market and shops of their choice is very wide. People involved in the production of strings, trying to bring their new and new forms, colors and fabrics of potential customers. Typically, the majority of G-strings to use cheap fabrics, namely synthetics. This is due to increased purchasing power. The cheaper, the more will buy - that's the slogan of these manufacturers. But there are still quite expensive thongs, which are sewed of mesh cloth, silk, microfiber, or cotton.
Despite the prevalence of strings gynecologists from around the world insist that these shorts bring only harm. Of course, on the one hand women want to be seen by the opposite sex in all its glory and to emphasize its attractiveness and sexuality, but on the other hand such a beauty would cost the victims, and sometimes even a great sacrifice in the form of various infections and diseases.
In winter, colds are bodies, and in the summer to pick up some dangerous E. coli. The fact that a narrow ribbon, which rubs between the buttocks, often becomes a means of movement of intestinal bacteria from the anus to the vagina.