pants shorts

Pants-shorts are a underwear model, in which a length of anterior and lateral parts. These pants - a lightweight version of the ordinary shorts. Only they have a thin fabric, excessive levels of the legs, which comes on the buttocks and low waist. Front and rear plate are usually performed the same width and height. This model is characterized by short-shorts from the usual cowards that they have an internal stitch across the tench feet.
For the first time panty-shorts appeared as a dancer in underwear in the theater. In the early thirties, they were full promoted in Hollywood films, and at the end of this period are widely used on the beaches. But really they are distributed among the women in bathing suits just as the sixties.
In the seventies and eighties panty-shorts almost completely replaced by more open forms of underwear. In the coming fashion mini bikinis, thongs and later. But the shorts, as the top type of clothing remain. Widely applying in cycling as a sport. They are also beginning to be a girl without even having to wear underwear, they are so tight. When the mini-skirts shortened to crazy sizes, like shorts worn under skirts.