Invisible panties

Argued that the G-string in vogue a few decades ago, namely in the late twentieth century, but became one of the best-selling model panties. But it turns out that they were invented before the beginning of the forties.
It happened in America. The fact that some of those who had the power, once visited a strip bar. And there naked stripper hit him. Then he suggested that at these girls were wearing something. Then the strippers have to wear thongs, which was even more sexy. Well, years later, when the morality of our society has fallen, the young women were also practicing this underwear to feel more relaxed and sexy.
G-strings - is pants that cover up something once, while the body remains open to the gaze of prying eyes. The triangle of tissue from the front, which is often omitted until the pubic bone, and tesemochka attached to it - that's the whole design. For women with elastic buttocks - this model is to face.
Was immediately noticed and the practicality of strings. They can be worn under tight-fitting things, such as a cocktail dress or jeans. Also, they remain invisible under translucent clothes. G-strings - is invisible underwear.