Thong Panties

Thong panties are panties, which are formed by combining the silhouettes String and Vika in their minimal version. Tong is a super-mini. They are so minimized in the groin area and on each side that barely cover the woman's pubic bone. Buttocks while usually partially closed with a cloth. The difference between Tong on strings that are characterized by first a decrease in special block and tackle on the center front line, sometimes reaching even the form of a Latin letter V.
First Thong panties have appeared in the early eighties. It was a real challenge to society that comes from women who wanted to wear a thing on there, a mini-bikini. Later, they became common and were not as provocative as the beginning of its formation.
The emergence of women's panties Thong prompted to reconsider their depilation of hair in intimate areas. Show them is still a vulgar action. So we had to shave or wax removed with unwanted vegetation. What is required of women in many cases not only time but also courage. While shaving the pubic area started in the forties, deep panties Thong led all to get rid of unwanted hair.