Tanga Panties

Tanga Panties are representative of the family mini-bikini. These shorts are made up of two parts, front and rear, which are made in the form of triangles. Waistline in these pants is very high and narrow, always horizontal, sometimes in the front has a small slope. It is presented in the form of gum or a strip of fabric.
For the first time these shorts have appeared in American culture. It was the end of the eighties. The purpose of this model was the most open buttocks. At first it tried to do with Vika and Rio. Originally waistline reaches the navel, but then it started to drop. Because of censorship, open your buttocks tried to hide in various ways until 1986. But then the boom to an open body.
On the beaches of Tanga, first appeared in Brazil. At the American beaches they can be seen only after ten years in the early nineties. At the same time bold Tanga panty models appeared in the pages of fashion magazines, becoming a part of not only swimwear, but underwear. Also like her panties and began to spread in the sport. Now Tang put athletes in fitness clubs over their leggings that looked very attractive.