Thong Slip

Panties Slip is a classic shorts that cover the buttocks from behind, reaching mid-thigh. Eraser is at waist level, but may fall up to mid-thigh. The sides of the panties slip, unlike many other models always have at least some width, and can never be represented by a cord. There are an extreme version of the panties slip to expose the anterior part, descending almost to the pubic bone, while the rear part bares depression between the buttocks. This model is called G-bikini.
To spread these shorts were back in the late forties through Reardu Louis, who became the first who developed a bikini. And I must say, its design is not limited only to slip. Many other models, such as expositions and panties on, just spread widely after two decades.
Slip Form in the fifties became the cover girl costume. And at the same time, the pictures in such a bare clothes were forbidden to print in men's magazines. While often slip panties exposed as an alternative to shorts with a mesh. Conservative America is a long time not allowed to print photos of girls in the slip, but in the seventies they became widespread.