T-String Panties

T-String - a tandem pants and panties String Tanga. As in the past the T-String closed crotch and buttocks exposed, but in contrast to the sidewall strings Tang made a single stripe, so the back of her panties look like the letter "T". The name T-Strings got it due to its shape. This model is usually a low waist pants, which has the silhouette of Vika. Use of T-Thong as elements of a bathing suit or as underwear.
The appeal of the T-strings is that they cover only the pubic hair and genitals. This openness makes a woman look like a virgin Eve, which is very sexy. Although T-String appeared only in the late eighties, they have a broad background. The thing that looks like underwear has been known since ancient times. It was worn by the savages, the ancient athletes, as well as Artist's Model. The similarity of the fig leaf of Eve T-String - the path to the liberated woman who has nothing to hide her beauty.
At the T-String panties you can see different pictures, and they are made of different material from the ordinary to the most delicate, of course, and prices in favor of the latter will be higher. Ranges and the transparency of panties, and their size.