String Panties

Thong got its name from the same English word, which means the lace or thread. These pants - this version of the mini-shorts, in which the rear part is represented in the form of thin strips, leaving the buttocks fully exposed. Do these pants strings are usually high waist. Predecessors have strings panties slip. In the first case was strong, that is, to a minimum, reduced lateral line and back. String Panties - a compromise between the closed form of panties from the front and open back, which is very sexy, and so it is like the girls.
The first string appeared in the late twenties in France. They were part of a suit strippers. Later, already in the forties in America, they begin to wear a photo model, but so far it is only exceptional cases. By the end of the sixties, they are already widely used in the modeling business, and in ten years, then start here and there to appear on the beaches. By the end of the eighties, even overweight women without shame flaunted thong on the beach and swimming pools.
Over time, reduced waist line strings, which is why women are at risk to show their pubic hair, but it does not bother them. Morals are changing and what was once the clothes for strippers, is now a regular bathing suit for ordinary women.