westering panties

Westering panties - the development of models of Pantaloons. They differ from them very high waist. The lateral line can be greatly enhanced with Vika, and perhaps one that divides the thigh in half. Ability to go under many women enjoy. This ability is very comfortable pants for different situations. It is easy to roll up and returning to its original position, they are seductive. So you can open the body and can be closed.
For the first time on the westering shorts talking in the late eighties on Brazilian beaches. But very quickly, this model has spread to nudists in France and America, but for those in the rest of the world. Ability to adapt to the mood of a woman has gained popularity among the fairer sex. Do you want to - rolled, you want - rolled back. This feature is very convenient to the beaches. Sunbathing - pants rolled up, went to the bar - skated.
These pants are very similar westering with panties asset. The fact that both the first and second cover the navel, and as one, and others can roll. But there is a difference. We have a solid asset are able to hold and hide problem areas, while a panty girdle westering not.