Tights and leggings

That's leggings and tights are intermediate between trousers and tights. Their main mission is to emphasize the benefits and beauty of shapely legs. Their long time can be compared, but there are also significant differences. For example, leggings most resemble athletic pants. But with a dress or skirt you obviously have to wear tights. I think everyone remembers how in the early nineties tights just do not get it because it was a sudden rush.
Appearing out of nowhere, they made an unexpected furor among the female population. Although foreigners look leggings on our fashionista puts into shock. According to them, a decent girl would not wear tights in public. And this fashion accessory is more suitable for ladies of easy virtue.
The bitter truth about our beauty found only in a few years. But the years passed, and what we see. Incredibly, the well-known shows of contemporary clothing appeared leggings. The only difference from their predecessors is that they have changed length. If you have previously leggings reach to the ankles, but now they have risen to almost mid-calf. During this long gap of time elk underwent various changes. It changed the color and thickness, and density. Often applied to a variety of tights pictures and embroidery. So what is the longest-lived accessory fashionistas.