panties with ties

Panties are panties with ties that have front and rear parts are connected by lateral bundles. Often, such a model is found in bathing suits. These pants - this is a huge scope for the designer fantasies. You can open or, conversely, shut down some parts of the body, such as the buttocks. It also gives the possibility of sexual panties. You can put them on your hips as you want. But even the presence of zavyazochek themselves - is sexy. After all, they are very easy to untie. Pulled on the rope - the door opened.
These shorts have appeared in the late forties. Their predecessors were panties with mesh on the sides, which was first narrowed and then all turned into a thin strip and ties. Such zavyazochki make lateral line as a separate piece of panties, making them more visible and, therefore, draws attention to the hip girl.
Although the first bikini appeared in such journals as far back as the early fifties, the real boom came only in the mid seventies. The fact is that while there was a fashion for buckles and straps to the dress. These pants are not yet g-strings, but it was close to them. Especially their relationship is seen in narrow strips that connect the front and back of the panties.