pants with rings

Briefs on the ringlets appeared as a result of the desire to minimize the panties. It seemed like a problem until they were invented in the ringlets of her panties. This option was not only a solution to the problem, but also a decorative ornament panties. To reduce the bikini began long ago, but did so gradually and in different ways. Initially the ring was of the nature of the anchor, but now it is purely decorative solution. This became particularly evident in the eighties and nineties.
The rings are so widespread was that the steel used in other items of linen, such as bras. Swimwear on the rings are joined, even though the bra and the melting of the Rings is not nothing but links. This kind of swimwear has led to what has been blurred the distinction between a bikini and swimsuit conjoint. In some models, the ring made asymmetrical, which gave a sort of novelty of these panties.
To date, designers continue to invent new types of models, panties and other lingerie with rings. It turns out there is much imagination to turn. Therefore, this model is not outdated, but more and more developed.