Vika panties

Vika panties are cowards who have high lateral stripe, deep cut in front and narrowed behind. The name comes from the similarity with the Latin letter V. The rear and front sides are very similar. Waistline is raised above the sides of the thighs, and in front at half-mast to the area where the pubic hair starts.
First to light Vika appeared in the late seventies. These were mostly on costumes beach Brazilian beaches. In the eighties, these shorts are already known throughout the world mainly due to a reduction in the front almost to the pubic hair.
The lateral line is very high, it opens up the buttocks. It is not always front and rear parts are identical, and sometimes in the front waist line is very low, while the rear is very high. The lateral line of the waist in the late eighties was done on the gums, which gave the opportunity to self-regulate panties. Now the woman herself could determine how much to open their buttocks or, conversely, to close them.
Vika has introduced a vertical seam that runs along the center front and back or just the front or back. Such a seam creates the tension of the material and emphasizes the natural split in the buttocks and pubic areas.