Active Briefs

A characteristic feature of panties asset is that the triangles in front and behind cover the whole area of ??the body down to the navel. They appeared in the late eighties. On each side of a high neckline, which tends to waist and waist line itself - is a horizontal straight line. Initially, they were recognized as part of fitness. These shorts support tummy bottom and top. Although they are called asset, but it may be suitable for middle-aged women.
Usually waistline does not reach to the navel, but reveals it. Sometimes it is even the gum above the natural waistline. The sides of the same pants can be either very broad or narrow, depending on the model. There are skinny silhouettes, which reveal a little groin and buttocks. High waist or completely hides, or completely exposes the buttocks. Due to the high waist pants have the opportunity to roll. There bathing suits, which reflect the idea of ??asset. In these bathing suits usually do not have zippers.
With the panties you can adjust the asset figure of women, even very full, using them instead of the tie. It is also possible to wear these pants with a bra-halterom and shutters, or topless.