bra on bone

Corsetry lingerie
Probably, many women think about their figure, the size of which does not fit well in the standard of beauty. But this is not a reason for sadness, but rather an opportunity to showcase their individual charms, though Spreading beyond the standards.
It corsetry lingerie will help you accentuate the beauty of the features of your body, generously endowed by nature. Also features a corset can decorate all of the surplus in the shape that you want to hide from others. Corsetry lingerie can lift the breasts, making it more appetizing and sensual, as well as to hide the extra folds. With properly chosen corset will benefit breast shape and shade to give an indescribable elegance.
That lady with the increased dimensions and shapes are usually persistent users corset lingerie.
Taking into account the various needs, you can actually get corsetry lingerie of all sizes. It should be remembered that for the greater effect of harmony needed to pick up clothes for ten - fifteen inches smaller than your size.
But do not forget your own convenience. After correctly matched the corset can be very poison your existence, deprived of all pleasures of refined shapes.
As you can see, women's lingerie industry is not standing still. Time is now rare to find a cup that does not support anything below, except that only in sporting models underwear. This is why manufacturers and use all kinds of locking inserts for lifting the chest.
The easiest way was to create a bra on the bone. That stone has a major role in this model. For the fixation and elevation breast bone is inserted into the lower edge of the cup. It has the form of an arc, a plastic or metal, depending on the manufacturer. It is also possible modification of seeds, depending on the purpose, size and cut bra. Most often, this modification is used in the production of the romantic, lacy underwear, which does not require the participation of any particular modeling tools.
It is equally in demand in the bone, and closed models, bras, where the base fabric completely covers each breast, with a smooth transition to the strap. Typically, this model emphasizes maximum beauty and elegance in a closed chest clothing. Also a really good selection of clothes and walking and, travel.