How to choose lingerie for a woman describes a dream

Women choose lingerie for a dream, based on the features of his character. Thus, the statistics say that 60% of women prefer shirts, 20% - pajamas, and the rest prefer to sleep without any underwear.
So, what we can tell about a woman choose lingerie for a dream?
Women who prefer nightgowns flirtatious, love gifts and attention. It is very vulnerable at first glance, but it can stand up for themselves at the right time. They do not like to waste time on trifles. Always have in your kitchen the most modern and stylish kitchen utensils.
Ladies who prefer silk pajamas, on the contrary seem to be strong women, but at heart they are often very vulnerable. Although this is a very elegant girls, who are making nearly all the goals. They are very uninhibited in bed.
Girls who like to sleep in the costume of Eve, natural and open. Think philosophically, in the relations planning and welcome. Usually, they are unpredictable and can make the most unexpected things.
No matter what you prefer, a shirt or pajamas, the main thing that you have correctly and accurately picked up his clothes and feel comfortable in it. Then you will have a good and healthy sleep, which gives you the beauty and freshness.