How to choose a women's pajamas

Choosing the right pajamas - a pledge of good and healthy sleep. Pajamas should be chosen only from natural fabrics. Either cotton or silk. You should also pay attention to color and style. In the cold season can use terry or velor pajamas.
When choosing pajamas of cotton needed to make sure that the fabric is smooth and without any bulges. Buttons need to be streamlined, small size. And the best thing to do without them. Elastic at the waist should not be too tight. An important point - is a quality seams. Seams should not be rigid. If you prefer a more feminine and sexy silk pajamas, you also need to pay close attention to the seams. If the seams are treated poorly, then your pajamas, in a short time just crawl away. It should be remembered that the silk is very cold and slippery material. Most often the color chosen pajamas bed linen.
Avoid pajamas that are made of lycra, nylon, acrylic and wool materials. You are not going to be very comfortable in a pajamas. You run the risk of freezing or vice versa, you will be hot. Incorrectly matched pajamas can cause allergic reactions.