Choosing baby pajamas

The main thing to look for when choosing pajamas for your child, this tissue. Preference should be given to cotton. Because it breathes well, the body of the baby to breathe. In no case should you choose synthetics. By morning, pajamas becomes wet, and your child, at best, annoyed.
The market offers us a great variety of models of children's pajamas. But it is advisable to choose pajamas with no practical applications of bulk, ryushek, zippers, buttons and numerous hooks. All this will only interfere with your baby to sleep comfortably. Prefer a little button that can be easily and tightly fastened. Make sure they do not fly away the next day. Be sure to check all the internal seams. They must be well treated and did not irritate the skin of your baby
Pajamas should be 2 sizes larger than the size of your baby's clothes. It should be free, but in moderation. We can not allow a child to get lost in it. Colors also play an important role. This should be a combination of quiet harmony of tones. But you can also choose bright colors, the main thing that they are well in harmony with each other. Otherwise, your child will be annoyed.