Bathrobes are very common among both women and men. For sewing bathrobes use a soft material that absorbs moisture and gives skin a pleasant and gentle feeling. Most often, this bathrobe.
When choosing a bath robe are advised to follow these tips:
- High-quality gown sewn from natural fibers such as mohair, cotton, mikrokotton. Synthetic material can not absorb the moisture of your body and you will not get good feeling after the water treatments in a robe. As well as high-quality products made of natural cotton dries quickly;
- The joints must be well handled. It should not serve any rough seams or threads;
- Select a suitable and pleasant color. Men usually prefer dark colors, bright and women. You should also consider the practicality of color.
When washing bath robes washing machine, we recommend the use of conventional powder with the addition of air conditioning. Then your favorite gown will remain soft and fluffy. If you are using a hand-washing, then rinse after a dip at some time in a dressing gown salted water, then it will remain soft. And in any case can not be ironed bathrobes.