How to choose the material for the bathrobe

Mighty bathrobe exist in any home. They became excellent assistants in domestic chores and the faithful companions of leisure hours.
The main criterion for choosing a gown fabric, from which it is sewed. Top coats are made from natural terry-cloth. Strongly not recommended to use gowns, made of synthetic materials. These gowns are comfortable and look great as long as hanging on a hanger.
Terry cloth has called hinge, because it consists of a large number of loops, which form her nap. The type and size of the loops depends on the density obtained by terry material, its practicality.
The hinges on the terry cloth can be simple and twisted. A simple loop consists of one, two or more threads. This will determine the density of the material, its fluffiness. This type of terry cloth are usually quickly loses its quality and appeal.
Twisted loops on terry cloth can be single, double or triple. Products made of this material are long, but they require special care, as washing can make tough mahr.
For the manufacture of toweling is best Egyptian cotton. He gives the fabric more durable, but these tissues are remarkably easy. Wash only improve the quality of fabrics.