A Christmas Carol

This Christmas the world was captivated by a beautiful female chorus, dressed in lingerie from La Senza brand (La Senza). The developers of the Internet company launched cute holiday movie, in which seven young women with various forms of the famous carol singing, lying on mattresses.
This very stylish promotional video of La Senza Corporation (La Senza) not only acquaints viewers with the latest range of products, but also gracefully congratulate all with the upcoming holidays. In the video shot seven charming girls who are not only bras in different sizes, but are a kind of notes that are "written" Christmas song.
Advertising is aimed not only at women and girls who are interested after watching and want to buy a seductive lingerie, but also a strong half of mankind, which will be of interest mainly the girls, stunning lying on mattresses. If desired, models can be "used" as a real keyboard and try to strum a melody that can be saved as a souvenir. Every girl hides also a link that will lead the audience in your favorite collection.