How to choose a female night-clothes

Nightwear is essential in the wardrobe of every girl and woman. There is a large selection of clothing for sleep, since my grandmother's nightgown and ending with short peignoir latest models. A girl or woman should do is make an independent choice of the model that she is more comfortable and more in line with its view of the clothes to sleep.
If one is quite comfortable wide fit shirt or pajamas free breed, while others opt for sexual peignoir with lace. An important feature of all models is the material of which this is sewn clothes. Typically, nightwear used qualitative cotton, chiffon, but it can be polyester.
Classic sleepwear - long and wide fit every woman and girl, regardless of age.
Babydoll or negligee, is a brief nightie, with decorations in the form of applications. She finished with lace, bows, thingies, sometimes - with fur. This sleepwear prefer not infantile, adolescent girls, but a romantic person. Transparent, thin spaghetti straps on, they are mostly made of chiffon, nylon or silk.
Tee-shirt is perfect as a night-clothes. Many of the girls the most advanced views opt for such a nightshirt. This model is simply a very large t-shirt made of cotton, wool or silk. You can always borrow a man's shirt, because they are larger.