Current models underwear for sleep

Not so long ago, pajamas belonged exclusively to the male wardrobe. But as it turns out that the clothes that men like to eventually migrate into the female wardrobe. Obviously on a long time, when pajamas belonged only to men, women secretly trying on men's pajamas, it is likely they seemed very comfortable. As a result, women's pajamas, appeared in the embodiment, it is used for recreation during the night so many women. Women's pajamas are slightly different from men. Women's pajamas are a looser cut shirts and pants. In some cases, women's pajamas instead of long pants is short shorts. This model can be successfully used during sleep in the summer.
For each age is characterized by its model nightwear. Our time has made a great difference to the choice of clothes destined for sleep. In particular, in our time came for sleep clothes, consisting of a light T-shirts of tulle, satin or silk, which can be easily combined with a stylish boxers. This option is often chosen lingerie girls, adolescents and women who prefer sporty clothes.
The advantages of this model not only for sleeping in the comfort and beauty, but also the ability to use different versions with different maechek boxers, bringing in its nightlife a lot of diversity.