belt stocking

Suspender Belt perfectly complements your image and awaken the desire and will delight your man. You did not notice that at the podium when there is a demonstration of lingerie models in stockings come with a belt and make sure these stockings. If you choose an image of the priestess of love, gorgeous seductress for the evening with a loved one, rest assured - the man just fall at your feet, seeing such a surprise as a stocking with a belt. Stockings, of course, too much other than an accessory, but I assure you that, in combination with a belt and suspenders to the stockings it would look more effective than most.
It is important to remember that the belt stockings serves two functions. The first of these is practical, not to maintain a stocking slipping. But do not forget about the second function - a decorative belt will accentuate your beauty, femininity, individuality, and sexuality is infinite. A man will see not only a beautiful woman, and seductive, her beautiful body.
Suspender Belt is made the same designers and from the same material as all the underwear. The main thing - is that Time should be in harmony with the other items of underwear and the whole way in general.