The use of Internet technologies

Nowadays, even the major manufacturers such as La Senza brand (La Senza), can not do without the introduction of the business methods of interaction such as social networks. Brand new collection has been available at such a popular resource, like facebook (Facebook). It has been available to buyers and shopper in the form of a special roller, by which they can very easily make a reservation.
In the movie based on the plot is quite appropriate to the direction the brand - stylish, sexy. From the open sea on the sunny beach of one another out of the water dazzling girl wearing swimwear from the new collection brand. Those who watch video, can instantly book the models that they liked, in a special online shopping company. To carry out this very simple, just make one click on the model that they like the most. After clicking the model immediately falls into the basket a specific buyer.
The course is explained quite simply. The target audience of facebook - a young girl of twenty, twenty-four years. And it immediately, just automatically increases the number of potential buyers in a few times.