La Senza is struggling with cellulite

There is not no woman that would not be interested in such a global problem as cellulite. And it does not matter what country lives a girl or a woman, what is the age and social status. This problem has always been relevant to the weak half of humanity. And even the finest linen is not able to distract her from this heavy doom cellulite.
La Senza Canadian brand (La Senza), which is a recognized authority in the production of the best women's underwear, decided to aim a blow at this one of the most important women's issues. The firm has carried out the production and sale of specialized short that would have fought with cellulite. This model is able to significantly reduce cellulite pockets and give the skin its former smoothness and softness. These shorts reduce cellulite with special impregnation, which added to the tissue. Treatment is achieved by interaction with the skin tissue.
The fabric stands from fifteen to twenty washes, during which anti-cellulite effect does not diminish their properties. Shorts available now only through the Internet, and its price is ten pounds. With the help of invisible work, life becomes much better.