Petra Nevkova - the face of a new collection

There is nothing better for the world-famous brand, than participate in its advertising campaigns catwalk stars of first magnitude. Lingerie La Senza Canadian company (La Senza) designed from the most ordinary women to goddesses. It is pleasant, however, that a woman with Olympus feshin industry are doing everything to promote the brand. One of the regular participants of the show a new collection of brand La Senza (La Senza) has become a top model Petra Nevkova to be the "face" of several collections and a few shows. She was succeeded by Jem Atkinson and Sophia Anderton.
According to Petra itself Nevkovoy, during a demonstration model, it felt like an incredibly sexy and attractive. Such actions can only enjoy. The team, which conducted the photo shoot was great. Prevailed at the site fun. In the words of the model itself, some sets of the new collection evokes a woman's incredible sexual power, some kits are well suited to wear every day, and some suites have been riding frankness. But in this lingerie as lingerie from La Senza brand (La Senza) absolutely any woman would feel at the peak of bliss, and it does not matter how old she is.