New England branches

Late last year, supplemented by four new UK outlets Canadian brand La Senza lingerie (La Senza). In the country, in addition to the four stores already have one hundred and sixty other trade items. Newly point will be located in cities such as Trafford, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Brighton.
Brand new La Senza departments (La Senza) will compare favorably with existing ones more fitting booths, which, moreover, are much more spacious. In the sales area will female mannequins, which will feature some extreme naturalistic, not crossing the boundaries of style and taste. They will be placed on the catwalks of luxury, made in a mirrored fashion. In addition, trading rooms will be equipped with an impressive and other decorative elements and non-standard lighting.
New England branch of La Senza brand (La Senza) will have a color palette of a few is not characteristic of all the other stores mark - black with a touch reminiscent of ivory. These shades are made and all wrapping materials and boxes for individual gifts to buyers.