New collections as a way of attracting new investors

Fashion La Senza new collections (La Senza) often take place in the popular clubs attracting stars from the model and show business. Such events are transformed into a real celebration of female beauty and sexuality. So the next show of new collection «Flirty French Frills» took place in the restaurant "Parisienne".
This collection, as you might guess from the title, filled with French perfumes, French flair, the French motives, the French ornaments. She is flirtatious, full of romance and sensuality. At this event, attended by a large number of distinguished guests: well-known businessmen, representatives of the authorities and show business. Among them were seen Kathy Topuria, Dima Bilan. Show was held under the sound of this French soundtrack. Guests enjoyed a performance of folk groups «La Fille». Such events not only aim at promoting the brand to explore new potential customers and clients, but also a kind of extension of the business horizons. In addition to the extensive use of the brand hits a mechanism such as the development of new investment programs.
The search for new investors are always interested in the company of La Senza, which is not bad enough to promote their products abroad. An example of this can serve multiple proprietary trading networks, not only in Canada, where I came from the brand itself, but also in the United States and Russia. The process of attracting new investors is marked by a complete financial transparency. The same openness and financial statements subject to the corporation, which is much easier to invest in a business wishing to implement their intentions. On Web sites, the company is in the public domain all the financial records of the corporation, which may interest investors. A visitor who is interested in investing can be quite easy to find with any financial and accounting reports, which will give him a complete picture of the affairs of the entire corporation as a whole.
Full transparency of the business to outsiders view only adds to the very advantages the brand. The possibility of an open review, which provides the corporation to the public, is full of confidence, cooperation and the desire to invest their funds, which gives us hope for the successful future development.