Licensing of foreign market

The majority of La Senza masters Market America and Canada. But Russia does not remain on the sidelines. We have opened a sufficient number of stores of this brand, which can satisfy the requirements of domestic buyers. This winter they had a special winter collection. The color palette of the collection - it's purple, red, blue and pink with a purple tint. There are also gray and beige blotches with ornaments of small peas and hearts. A collection of high quality as always. She must have bought it cause of the fair sex a special celebratory mood, which is sure to spread to those for whom this underwear is purchased.
The brand has always been interested in expanding its trade horizons. One of the ways to promote the brand La Senza abroad is to sell licenses to trade in branded goods in other countries. This also deals with a special division of - La Senza Interneshinl. Each trading company, has bought La Senza license has the right to sell the brands La Senza La Senza Linger, and for girls.
The same license includes ways to trade, the types of communication communication design and corporate stores. Licensing profitable for the brand La Senza because it frees the company from having to finance investments in these foreign shops. Licensing Corporation makes itself the conquest of markets in other countries, because the staff is much better than local stores head offices are familiar with the peculiarities of the region in which they live and work. And, therefore, the managers on the ground will be more opportunities for the successful conduct of affairs under the brand La Senza.
La Senza brand is interested in seeing that all the chain stores, in whatever corner of the world they would not be, have been issued in a single corporate identity. This applies to the design and color palette, and staff, and soundtrack. The brand is ready to organize training vendors to provide affiliates a clear material, which not only tells the story of the brand, but also about its basic principles and concepts. For example, the Moscow brand shops are no different from similar in the U.S. or Canada. A single style, a single range, and a collection appear in our shops at the same rate as that of the foreign "colleagues."