Secrets of success of the brand La Senza

Often, in the view of new collections from La Senza (La Senza) involves not only the top models, but also representatives of the musical entertainment. The next collection, which dates back to the burlesque style, has been shown in London, member girl group Pussycat Dolls. A colorful collection of eccentric, which could show only those liberated ladies like Pussycat Dolls, called "Shh» (Shhh). It is for those who are not afraid to challenge the ordinary and stamps.
No chance to showcase this collection were selected girls of the musical group: they have always been a symbol of much of the feminine, the symbol of manifestation of female seductiveness and sensuality. In addition, these lovely girls, who are accustomed to seeing on stage in a rather frank costume, and having a perfect figure, the god ordered to be models for the demonstration of high-end clothes. The cost of new sets, as well as the price of all goods brand of La Senza, is not very high. Those wishing to purchase it will have to spend twenty to thirty-five dollars. Once again, the brand reaffirms its main line: only the highest quality at an affordable price.
What is the secret of La Senza brand? This, above all, commitment to one direction - a female underwear of high quality at affordable prices. This underwear can not be confused with any other, because only the La Senza lingerie is designed to emphasize a woman of her naturalness and beauty. The second reason - it is a great advertising campaign under the slogan: "The style that causes a desire." All brand chain stores present a unified design and beautiful photography curvy models, with one glance at which women have a desire to look exactly the same. And the brand is absolutely gives the opportunity for every woman.
The third reason - a well-organized production. At La Senza does not have its textile factories. The brand works with partners around the world. In the production of linen is a severe quality control. In addition, the production of social norms in compliance with all labor and excellent working conditions. The brand has always stressed that it produces a quality product, made in a civilized production, where there is a great moral situation. At the enterprises of La Senza, there are no violations of labor standards.